LuLaRoe Themed Birthday Bash

Updated: 1/19/2017


LuLaRoe is an amazing business that empowers women of all ages! Why not host a LuLaRoe themed Birthday Bash?!  When we become adults we rarely have parties for our birthdays anymore.  Why is that?  Well, one of our VIP customers, Sarah, decided that she was going to have a LuLaRoe themed birthday party!  She asked us (LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC) to be the consultants there.  We are honored that she asked us.  She is such an awesome customer.  We all had a great time!  She decorated with some LuLaRoe colors.



We brought ALL of inventory, currently close to 800 pieces of LuLaRoe clothing.  Dresses, Skirts, Shirts, Cardigans, Leggings.



Sarah had a local bakery to make and decorate a unicorn cake.  The cake was absolutely adorable and so creative!!  If you know about LuLaRoe you know that the unicorn is kind of the unofficial symbol.  20170114_145804.jpg

It was a fantastic birthday bash!  Everyone that attended sure had fun trying on the different styles. Sarah was able to earn 5 FREE ITEMS (a pair of leggings and 4 other items of her choice!)  All of that just for hosting and inviting friends and family to come celebrate her birthday!

20170114_144739.jpg   20170114_174053.jpg

If you are interested in hosted a LuLaRoe themed Birthday Bash you can find some cute idea that we pinned from others to our Pinterest board.    c613967bdbd36d887c6acaa5b67b33ff Here are just a few ideas you might find.

You can find lots of interesting ideas on Pinterest to host a LuLaRoe themed Birthday Bash!!  These photo booth props can be ordered on etsy from Darlinganddigital.





If you’d like some cookies instead of a cake (or BOTH) You could order these super cute and creative cookies on etsy from  RebeccaTheCookieLady




If you are looking for a Happy Birthday Banner in the LuLaRoe colors you could order this one on etsy from BannerbyBrandi.

There are lots of ideas out there for creating a fabulous and fun LuLaRoe themed Birtday Bash!!

You could even play some gun games like pinning the tail on the unicorn.

If you are local to us in Asheboro, NC then email us at sugardolliesboutiquellc@gmail.com to set up a date and time for your LuLaRoe Birthday Bash!!

Who is ready to party LuLaRoe style?  What are some other creative ideas you have for a LuLaRoe themed Birthday Bash? Tell us in the comments below!  We love hearing from you!  Have a blessed day!


Sugar Dollies


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Host a LuLaRoe Fundraiser for your organization, team, school, church, etc.


Fundraisers are a fantastic way for you to raise money for your cause. Is there a cause that you are very passionate about and would like to help them raise funds?   Are you looking for ways to fundraise for your non-profit organization, your school, team, church, etc? We would love for you to host a LuLaRoe Fundraiser Pop-Up Boutique with us, (LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC).


We are April and Bobbie; sisters and LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants from  Asheboro, NC. We are a small, local business dedicated to serving our community and empowering others. Our mission statement is

LuLaRoe: where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families.  A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth.

We sell LuLaRoe brand clothing in a variety of on trend styles (Leggings, Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Cardigans) in sizes from Kids 2T-14 and Adult XXS-3XL. Feel free to check out our fan page at www.facebook.com/LuLaRoeSugarDolliesBoutiqueLLC or our shop group, www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeSugarDolliesBoutiqueLLC 

What all is involved in a LuLaRoe Fundraiser Pop-Up Boutique?

You, or your organization will be considered the host.  You will choose the location, we’ll collaborate to figure our a date and time.  You will promote the Fundraiser by inviting everyone you know.  Visit this post for more information on How to Host a Successful LuLaRoe Pop-Up.  We will help to promote also!  We will bring our large inventory of clothing and set it up and sell it.  

How much could you raise?  

The possibilities are endless.  It depends on how much we sell.  Obviously, the more we sell them more you raise for your cause or organization!!  We will donate a portion of the sales from each item to your organization. (anywhere from $1.50-$3) The LuLaRoe Home Office will match our donation to your organization once we meet a goal of raising $100!  In this case your organization could earn between $3 and $6 per item sold.    

Just a few of my favorite organizations to donate to are Our Military Kids, Relay for Life, Wounded Warriors Project, and Outreach360.

What organizations are near and dear to your heart?  Fo what organizations would you like to see us raise funds? Do you have other ideas to make a LuLaRoe Fundraiser more successful?  Tell us in the comments.  We love hearing from you.  Have a blessed day!


Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC

LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants



More Than Just Leggings


So, by now if you are reading this post you know about LuLaRoe.  Hopefully you now have tried on a pair of leggings.  Aren’t they amazing?!

BUT, have you tried on one of the amazing dresses (Ana, Amelia, Carly, Julia, and Nicole) or skirts (Azure, Cassie, Lola, Lucy, Madison, and Maxi)? If not, you should! There are so many flattering choices! I have never wanted to wear dresses and skirts all the time until I started wearing LuLaRoe.

SO COMFORTABLE! LuLaRoe offers fabulous kids dresses and skirts as well!! Our kids love the comfort of them!

Now that I have your attention….If you are interested in buying one the many beautiful dresses or skirts that we sell join our shop group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeSugarDolliesBoutiqueLLC

What is your favorite LuLaRoe skirt or dress style? Tell us in the comments.  We love hearing from you!  Have a blessed day!


-Sugar Dollie A-

Behind the scenes with a LuLaRoe Consultant

We are LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants, but most importantly we are moms to our kids and wives to our husbands.  If you are a mom and you are thinking about becoming a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant please know that YOU CAN DO IT!!  There are lots of us consultants that are moms!  We make it work because WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!   It can be overwhelming at the beginning, especially with time management.  Set yourself a schedule and stick to it the best you can.  Don’t forget that being parents and wives are the most important jobs you have.


We often have our kids with us when we have a Pop-Up Boutique either online or at our Burney Rd. house. (<– a second house I own and where we have our LuLaRoom.)  This is real life and we are real moms.  So, a typical scene at our Burney Rd house might be something like this….kids running through yelling, toys in the floor, a changing tent turned over on the side turned into a fort.


A friend and customer recently complimented us on our LIVE Facebook sale where a couple of our little Sugar Dollies were there helping us.  She said, “Great job on the live sales last night! Y’all are awesome…Multitasking with kids” And do you know what emoji she used? A fist bump!  That’s right!  Sometimes we need that fist bump because, friends, it gets chaotic at times.  Even though it gets crazy sometimes we wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe for our kids to behave perfectly 100% of the time….but whose kids do that?!  🙂


What an amazing job where our kids can be with us!  Why is this okay with us to have our kids with us while we work?  Because LuLaRoe is a family business built on some amazing values with an amazing vision and mission to strengthen families! We don’t mind having our little and big girls with us because they are learning how to feel confident, how to become leaders, and how to empower other females to feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies!  This is what it is about empowering others!

LuLaRoe Mission Statement:


LuLa-Love Y’all!


Creating an LLC for your LuLaRoe Business; all you need to know

Thinking about joining as an LLC with a friend or family member?  

Joining as partners has many benefits but is not (necessary) You are able to share the work load and the financial commitment.  Bobbie and I joined as an LLC.  Here is what you need to know! 

There are basically 5 steps to creating an LLC. 

1) Name your LLC.  It can be anything you want it to be.  Just be sure to do a search to make sure the name is not already taken.  (We chose something special and personal to us.) Remember: You cannot use “LuLaRoe” or “LLR” as part of your LLC name!

2) Choose a Registered Agent.  This is the person that will receive  any mail sent to the business at their house. 

3) File for an Articles of Organization.  (Fee of $125) This is to register your LLC with the state. 

4) Create an Operating Agreement.  This is a legal document outlining the ownership and operating procedures of your LLC. It allows you to form financial/working relationships with co-owners into an established system suitable to your business. An Operation Agreement is not required to form an LLC in North Carolina, but is good practice to have one. We have one.  We recommend contacting an attorney to write up the Operating Agreement as you wish, then you sign it and have notarized.  

5) Obtain and EIN.  The Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Federal Tax Identification Number, is used to identify a business entity. It is essentially a social security number for the company. You will need this to open a business bank account, for tax purposes, and to hire any employees (assistants, photographers, etc.)  

For more information you can visit this website:  https://howtostartanllc.com/north-carolina-llc 

What to send to LuLaRoe when onboarding: 

We submitted the LLC Articles of Organization and our EIN number along with our Independent Consultant Application to LuLaRoe. One of you will be the applicant and the other the co-applicant.  The LLC name appears as the consultant in the invoicing system (Audrey).  

We encourage you to set up a consultation with a CPA to a better idea of how much to set aside for taxes and what types of documentation to keep up with for tax purposes. 

As far as our duties, we do most everything together.  We attend most pop-ups together.  We keep inventory at my house.  So, I pull the orders.  Bobbie sends the invoices and prints the shipping labels.  Then we meet at the post office to ship and meet our local pick-up customers.

If after reading this you would like to sign up to be a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant we would love to discuss it further with you. Email us at sugardolliesboutiquellc@gmail.com We are part of an amazing upline T.E.A.M. and we would welcome you with open arms and share all of our LuLaRoe knowledge with you!

-Sugar Dollie A-

Tips on How to Host a Successful LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique


YAY!  You have signed up to host a LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique! Now what? What should you do to ensure that you have a successful Pop-Up Boutique?  After all you will be earning FREE clothes based on how many pieces sell at your Pop-Up Boutique.  Here are some of the tips that we’ve seen to be successful.

Before the Pop-Up Boutique:

  1. Make a list of all the ladies you know.  Friends, cousins, aunts, grandmas, neighbors, your kids’s parents, co-workers, church friends, etc.  
  2. INVITE them. YES ALL OF THEM!  The ones that you know already love LuLaRoe (especially them!) and the ones you think may have not even heard of it yet. You never know who will fall in love with the comfort of LuLaRoe.   Don’t just invite them to the event page, but actually contact each one personally.  Send a personal email, message, text, call them, or talk to them in person.  Print out some invitations to hand out. 
  3. We always make a Facebook event page for your Pop-Up Boutique.  (Other consultants may or may not do this)  So invite all the people from list to the event page.  This is where we will post pictures of the styles daily.  
  4. Be ACTIVE!!  Post pictures along with us, but of you in LuLaRoe!  Post pictures of your kids, family, and friends in the clothes as well.  Make it real for your guests.  
  5. Don’t just post to the event page, post on your personal social media outlets as well.  Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.  
  6. Be EXCITED about the clothes.  Talk it up!  Talk about how amazing, confident, and comfortable you feel in the clothes.  The more excited you are about the clothes the more your guests will be as well.
  7. REMIND your guests!  Send out reminders or messages telling your guests that you look forward to seeing them and spending time with them at the Pop-Up Boutique. 

At the Pop-Up Boutique

  1. WELCOME each of your guests.
  2. Introduce them to us so we help to answer any questions they may have.  
  3. BE ACTIVE! Show them around. Tell them about each style. Tell them what you like about each style.  If you aren’t that familiar with each style ask us, your consultants.  We will be glad to talk about the styles.  
  4. MUSIC Play some upbeat music to get and keep everyone in a good, positive mood. 
  5. TRY ON different styles through out the Pop-Up Boutique and model for everyone.  Encourage your guests to try on at least 5 different styles and model for everyone. The more they try on the more likely they are to purchase more. 
  6. COMPLIMENT your guests (but be honest.)  Everyone woman loves compliments, right?!  Tell them how amazing they look.  
  7. Match up some outfits for your guests.  If she picks out a top to go try on, find a pair of leggings or a skirt to match.  If she picks out a dress to try on, find a cardigan or leggings to match.  Complete the outfit!  This is what we call up selling.  The more they try on the more they purchase.  Therefore the more they purchase the more FREE clothes you earn!!  
  8. THANK THEM for coming to your Pop-Up Boutique and supporting you.  Tell them about the FREE Clothes you earned and encourage them to sign up to host a Pop-Up Boutique as well.  Tell them you will come to their Pop-Up Boutique and support them. 
  9. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!  

After the Pop-Up Boutique

  1. THANK THEM again.  Tell them you appreciate them coming out to shop and hang out with you.  
  2. POST PICTURES of the FREE clothes you earned. Tag us in the post with our hashtag.  #lularoesugardolliesboutiquellc  

That’s all there is to it, friends!  Now go out there and be AMAZING HOSTESSES!!  

Have you hosted a successful LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique?  What tips can you add to the ones above?  Tell us in the comments. We love hearing from you!  Have a blessed day!


-Sugar Dollie A-

LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC


I wore LuLaRoe to the Military Ball

I wore a BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT LuLaRoe Amelia dress to the St. Barbara’s Day Ball.

Being a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant I wear LuLaRoe clothing daily.  It’s a given.  I don’t even want to wear anything else, except for the occasion pair of jeans.  Still then I wear jeans with LuLaRoe; a Randy Tee or Classic Tee. So, when planning my attire for this year’s military ball I knew I was going to wear a LuLaRoe dress.  I just wasn’t sure yet which one.  I searched for the perfect dress by asking my fellow consultant friends what Holiday / Elegant LuLaRoe dresses they had either from last year’s holiday collection or this year’s.  Then, one day, there it was! The perfect dress to wear!  It was dark red and sparkly.  I was head of heels for this dress.  Red seems to be the most popular color of dress to wear to the St. Barbara’s Day Ball.  I received tons of compliments on this dress as well!  One lady was surprised that my dress had pockets.  Oh those pockets are A-MAZING!

I had such an AMAZING time at the St. Barbara’s Day Ball with my husband.


-Sugar Dollie A-


Give by Shopping on Giving Tuesday


Today is GIVING TUESDAY!! It’s a special day to give back to you community, and to donate to your favorite charities and organizations!  I plan to do just that!  I plan to GIVE A LOT!  For every item that is claimed and purchased in our shopping group, Shop LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC, TODAY (Nov.29, 2016) I will donate an additional $5 (above my planned donation) to one of my favorite organizations.  I love so much that being a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant allows me the opportunity to be able to give back to my community and world. If you haven’t tried LuLaRoe clothing yet, you should head on over to our shopping group and purchase something.  You will fall in love with the comfort and amazing prints.  Not to mention you will be helping me to give more to the following organizations.

My top three favorite organizations to donate to are:

Perhaps you are wondering why I have chosen these as my top three.  Well, I chose Outreach360 because I have volunteered in the Dominican Republic seven times with this amazing organization.  I loved every minute of it! It is a great organization and I believe they are making a HUGE difference in the lives of many Dominican children.

I chose Our Military Kids and the USO because we are a military family and these two organizations have given so much to my family (and other military families) as far as support, care and compassion.


-Sugar Dollie A-


The layered look

Happy Monday! This is the start to my BIRTHDAY week. I’m turning the big 35…WHAAA?! I am not one to be afraid of turning another year older though! I say bring it on!! I got up this morning and put  together my new of my favorite LuLaRoe outfit. This outfit is made up of 4 LLR pieces. 

-LuLaRoe Leggings (rocking a solid color)

-LuLaRoe Carly (another solid color)

-LuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan (yep, another solid color)

-LuLaRoe Cassie skirt (an amazing print!) 

That’s right, doubling it as a scarf today to pull my outfit together. 

I am feeling confident and beautiful today thanks to LuLaRoe!
-Sugar Dollie A

In love with a dress named Amelia


You already know that I LOVE LuLaRoe clothing. This Amelia is my very first piece of LuLaRoe. In fact it was this dress that started my LuLaRoe love affair.  It is super comfortable and has some pretty amazing pockets! Isn’t it lovely? If you are interested in trying on and/or purchasing an Amelia check out other Amelias in stock by joinging our facebook group, Shop LuLaRoe Sugar Dollies Boutique LLC You, too, could feel amazingly beautiful and fall in love with a dress named Amelia.